[The Black Rose Society](https://blackrosesociety.com) [Our Discord](https://discord.gg/mqHQNST) ### Current Campaigns >[!abstract] Whistler's Reach: Indomitable Bastards, Inc. > >Whistler's Reach is a sci-fi campaign setting in a far-flung human colony, centuries removed from the rest of mankind. Using Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition, enabled by the TwoDSix system on FoundryVTT. > >- [[Indomitable Bastards|Chronicles of the Indomitable Bastards]] >- [[Introduction to Whistler's Reach]] >- [[Whistler's Reach]] >- [[Timeline of The Reach]] >- [[Indomitable Bastards Inc.|Indomitable Bastards]] >- [[The Job Board]] ### Past Campaigns The Castle: Tales from One-Eyed Cat Lane Khevoran 3: The Emperor of Nothing Abilene The Last Legion Khevoran 2: The Lord of Ash and Stone Khevoran 1: The Cult of Riverton ### Latest Updates ![[Updates]]